The Healer Within Qigong Video Program
The Most Profound Medicine is Within! 
The Video Version of the Bestseller
The Healer Within by Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD
The Wisdom Secrets of the Ancient Masters


The Newest Discoveries of Innovative Contemporary Science
We each control and can enhance our own capacity for
Stress Mastery 
Inner Peace
Joy of Qigong
The Healer Within Medical Qigong Video program includes information that you and your family will use for a lifetime! It is being used by every age -- teenagers through people in their 90s! It is being used in hospitals, schools, universities, social service agencies, life long learning, addiction recovery, the military, the VA, spas, fitness centers corporations, sports facilities, retirement centers.
You will be amazed at how little is
required and how much can be gained.
Many have used these powerful, yet simple tools and 
have felt this energy of healing and  transformation! 
They say:
"Why isn't everybody doing this?"
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What isn't working for you?
Sleep, stress, relationships, pain, lack of energy?

What are you curious about?
Well-being maximization, extra weight management, solving the complexities of life!
The Healer Within Qigong Video Library is not just a series of videos; it is a thorough instructional and training library.

You will use these practices for the rest of your life
Qigong practices have been transforming people's lives for 1000s of years!
Each of these practice is presented briefly – 3 minutes — for instruction.
Then, each practice is presented more deeply -- 6-7 minutes -- with reflections on nature, physiology, energetics and poetic metaphor -- PLUS inspiring animations.
VIDEOS - You will have the videos BOTH through streaming and download so you can put them on a DVD or thumb drive.  It is easy to place the files on your computer and even on your smart TV.
No matter what your desire, your goal, your health challenge, your medical diagnosis, your medical treatment....
The Most Profound Healing
Resources are Within You!

A Gift of God and Evolution!
A Miracle!

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What Great Authors and Luminaries Say About Dr. Jahnke and The Healer Within
“The Healer Within is practical and inspiring.”
-- Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of Quantum Healing; The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

“Dr. Jahnke has created a beautiful bridge to the the mysterious domain of the Chinese self-healing arts. The Healer Within makes ancient Mind-Body secrets accessible to everyone.”
-- Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of The Power of Intention
“Some of the greatest miracles occur when people are informed and inspired. Dr Jahnke does a splendid job – informing us of the marvel of the healer within, providing us with self-healing tools that are easy to use and then telling us the stories that provide the inspiration.”
-- Jack Canfield, author and speaker, Chicken Soup of the Soul

"The wisdom in The Healer Within will lead you not just to better health but to greater serenity as well."
-- Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Prayer Is Good Medicine; Healing Words; Recovering the Soul; executive editor of Alternative Therapies.

“The Healer Within is a gem: it is full of simple yet profoundly effective health practices that anyone can use to regain or maintain optimal health.”
-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and editor of Health Wisdom for Women.
“Nothing can guarantee your recovery if you lose your health. The Healer Within presents you with the opportunity to choose health over illness.”
-- C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, author of Science of Intuition, Creation of Health and Miracles Do Happen

“Roger Jahnke’s gem, The Healer Within, brings ancient Eastern modalities into our hectic Western lives.”
-- Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., research professor, Georgetown University, author of Molecules of Emotion
Description of the Library

The Qigong Video Library is based on the best selling book, The Healer Within, written by Dr Roger Jahnke, OMD, a widely respected doctor of Chinese medicine, author, lecturer and researcher.
The Healer Within has been used internationally in programs in hospitals, universities, corporations, social service agencies, school systems, faith institutions, the military and more. The Healer Within Qigong Video Library is the total of all of the comprehensive Healing and Medical Qigong Methods in The Healer Within.
For  many, this will be the only Qigong they need to enhance well-being for a lifetime! This purchase is yours for lifetime access.

  • The Four Baskets of Qigong Practice from The Healer Within
    • Movement practices  
    • Breath practices
    • Self-applied massage practices
    • Meditations
  • Beautiful, soothing music
  • Each practice presented twice
    • In a brief instruction segment
    • In a longer advanced version
  • Inspiring energy of nature scenes and fantastic energy animations
  • An amazing 12 minute video on The Physiology of Qigong.
  • Practice along with Dr. Jahnke
  • Silent practice sessions — practice with soothing music and ambient nature sounds.
  • Over 30 video segments 
  • Access the videos — streaming -- on your computers, your personal mobile devices.
  • Download the video segments to play to your TV through your DVD player or thumb drive — or access your account by Smart TV.
  • Over 3 hours of material that you can use at any pace 
  • Resource library with several ebooks, printable guides
  • Information on getting live training and becoming a Teacher or Practice Leader.


The retail price of this total program is $300.


However, for now, for our Good Friends in Qi,

we are discounting the program to $225.


The cost for use of this library for the rest of your life is less than one doctor visit, less that one prescription refill and 100s of times less than one one surgery.

 This is Real Health Insurance -- for your Well Being and Longevity.

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If you live outside the U.S., and have difficulties purchasing the Healer Within Video Version,
please contact Sheri Hansen at email
For your security, do not send your credit card account info by email.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Maximization Strategies

You may know that the ancient Chinese were innovative and immensely insightful regarding the maximization of human function.

That is — they developed empowerment practices for every level of being — Spirit-Mind-Body! Chinese medicine is based on the integration of the Spirit-Mind-Body Complex — known as THE THREE TREASURES.
Mind Body Practice — Qigong and Tai Chi – is the self-initiated wellness program of Chinese medicine.  Qigong turns on the medicine — The Elixir — within at every level of the THE THREE TREASURES!
The Body

Do you experience pain, limits to flexibility, signs of aging, malfunction of organs, problems of digestion, stress or sleep problems?

The Healer Within Qigong Program is designed with these challenges and more in mind. All the Healer Within Qigong practices enhance the function of all the bodily systems — called COHERENCE – to maximize healing potential within by coordinating body, breath and mind to produce an amazing inner medicine — know as THE BODY ELIXIR.

Qigong has been found to safely have positive effect on:
• Pain 
• Asthma, COPD 
• Insomnia
• Body size 
• Low energy
• Cardiovascular 
• Stress
• Anxiety 
• Hypertension 
• Depression 
• Diabetes
• Memory 
• Digestive challenges 
• Colds, flus 
• Head pain
• Parkinsons 
• Arthritis
• Sexual challenges 
• Cancer
PREVENTION -- Remember a "stitch in time saves nine" and "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure?
Qigong is intended to prevent disease, protect wellness, contribute to health longevity, maximize vitality and creativity!

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH -- The research in neuroscience, brain plasticity and telomere genomics suggest that Qigong  is a direct portal to personal rejuvenation ---
The Fountain of Youth within.

The Healer Within Practices utilized with enthusiasm, sincerity and intent can have a major influence on your physical well-being.
The Mind and Emotions
Chinese medicine and Qigong do not separate the physical body from the mental-emotional self.
These aspects of the self are integrated. They effect each other immensely. Which is first — a compromising thought or a compromising physiological function? Science does not know. Chinese physicians, philosophers, alchemists and wizards all cultivate Qi — they invented Qigong.

Self-soothing, self-regulating the autonomic nervous system, reframing the mind and emotions enhances the potential for the happiness elixirs within to proliferate.

A contemporary breakthrough concept in psychology is that a person's attitude, their frame of mind, their personal philosophy, is the link to happiness — that self-acceptance, acceptance of the mysterious nature of our lives, celebrating the unknown and activating the bodies inner medicines is better than psychotherapy or psycho-pharmacology.

The great Chinese, Indian, Native American, Shamanic, Sufi and mystical Christian philosophers urged people to pursue Mind Body Practice - Qigong, Yoga , Tai Chi – to cultivate a connection with the aspect of self that transcends moment to moment challenges of the personality to attain and sustain a sense of peace and well-being — no matter what else may be going on. One of the most beautiful phrases in the Healer Within context is "cheerful indifference."

The Healer Within Practices support the cultivation of the coherence of body and mind – a sense of accord with universal nature of all realms. How is it that the greatest models of peace and happiness are often caught in complex situations and yet, for some reason, do not express that they are victimized.
Where does the capacity for resilience come from. Is it enhanced by stress, reactivity, hysteria? NO! The ancients would suggest that it is a WAY of BEING that can be cultivated and attained.

The Spirit

The ancients  assumed that the body was a reflection of the Spirit. Rather than the body having and energy, the universal energetic of the self develops a body. In this context there is not question as to whether we are eternally energetic in nature. Thus, the practice of Qigong supports us in re-associating with the eternal aspect of ourselves that is irrevocably well not matter what the body is experiencing — an aspect of the self that does not get sick and does not die.
Our best Qigong moments are when the separation between the local self and the eternal self is eliminated. To reach this experience the Qigong solution is to rest in the present moment during the practice. All of the Healer Within Practices allow for this to occur.

Encouragement from Ancient Masters

Lao Zi – 2500 years ago,  #10 – "Cultivate body and breath to sustain the physical and emotional flexibility of a new born with no cares."
from the Daodejing - Tao Te Ching
Zhuang Zi - 2400 years ago – "Unify your attention. Rather than listen with the ear, listen with the heart. Rather than listen with the heart, listen with the Qi."
from the Collected Writings of Zhuang Zi - Chuang Tzu
Buddha 2500 years ago - “Peace is inherent within. Seek it not without.”
from the Sutras of Shakyamuni Buddha
Jesus — 2000 years ago  - according to Matthew - "When your insight is unified - you see with a single eye - your body will be filled with light."
from the Gospel of Matthew
Patanjali -- 2000 years ago – "The forms and breaths of Yoga not only enhance the function of the body, but also open the portal to freedom from illusion."
from the Yoga Sutras
Translated as Vitality Enhancement Qigong, Bu Zheng is a contemporary form of Qigong with ancient roots that is especially focused on healing medical challenges as well as maximizing and sustaining well-being. The roots of these practices actually go beyond history. Anthropologists claim that humans have acted like humans for as much as 3 million years. Scholars project that Qigong like practices were developed by tribes members and shamans over 100,000 years ago.

Bu Zheng is rooted in this rich history of ancient tribal origins.

Bu means — make strong, enhance
Zheng means — the coherent interrelated functions and systems of the whole self.

Bu Zheng means maximize the integrated, interactive, holistic version of the self — the whole person, the whole self – at all levels, Spirit–Mind–Body.
That is so powerful!

• Health MAXIMIZATION -- When we are well, Bu Zheng Qigong sustains and enhances — insures -- well-being and functional capacity. Health Insurance!
• Disease HEALING — When we are not well, distressed, uncomfortable, ill, suffering, Bu Zheng Qigong awakens, nourishes and enhances inner healing resources and functions.

Research has demonstrated that Qigong is safe and effective — the " evidence base". Dr. Jahnke is the lead author on a review (included in the RESOURCE Section of the Healer Within Qigong Video Library) of the research published by the highly respected American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP). We can say here that Qigong has been found safe and effective, through rigorous research to be safe and effective for many diseases, as noted above.

No matter what disease risk there is in your family, what diagnosis you may have, what medication you take, what surgeries you have had, what doctor you are seeing -- it is always reasonable to take better care of ourselves. Bu Zheng Qigong -- Vitality Enhancement Qigong -- is specifically designed for all beings — sick or well.


The retail price of this total program is $300.


However, for now, for our Good Friends in Qi, we are

discounting the program to $225.


The cost for use of this library for the rest of your life is less than one doctor visit, less that one prescription refill and 100s of times less than one one surgery.

 This is Real Health Insurance -- for your Well Being and Longevity.

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If you live outside the U.S., and have difficulties purchasing the Healer Within Video Version,
please contact Sheri Hansen at email
For your security, do not send your credit card account info by email.
We apologize for any inconvenience.



Dr. Roger Jahnke



Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD first studied Tai Chi in 1967. It lead him to Chinese Medicine. He has been in clinical practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine since 1977 and has been chief of staff at a number of innovative integrated medicine clinics. He was the inaugural professor at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine and is currently adjunct professor at the University of East West Medicine and Fellow at Fielding Graduate University.


Chinese Medicine led Dr. Jahnke to the mother of Tai Chi — Qigong. He has been to China 9 times to seek the true origins of Qi and Qi Cultivation. He has studied with dozens and dozens of Qigong and Tai Chi masters and has been to China's sacred mountains — Wudang Mountain, Shaolin Temple at Song Mountain, Huang (Yellow) Mountain, Hua (Flower) Mountain, Qi Yun (Clouds of Qi) Mountain, Jiu Hua (Nine Flowers) Mountain — the sites of Qigong traditions that have roots in the ancient origins of Chinese medicine and philosophy.


Dr. Jahnke is the founder of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC). He is director of training and a researcher of the mechanisms and benefits of Mind-Body Practice — Qigong and Tai Chi. The IIQTC has trained over 1000 Teachers and Practice Leaders, internationally. 


Roger practices Qigong and Tai Chi everyday. He is the author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi. He is the co-founder with his wife Rebecca of the Healer Within Foundation which brings Mind-Body practice to populations that would not otherwise have access.





We hope you found this informative and inspiring! Our vision is that everyone in the world, in every country, every culture, use Mind-Body Practice -- Qigong and Tai Chi  -- for health, well-being, and inner peace.
Wishing you well,
Dr. Jahnke and the Team at the IIQTC
Questions about this program? Phone 805-617-3390 or email